Multi-Cloud Management Portal Solution for Azure Stack HCI, Azure and Others

We are Honoured to be South East Asia’s Inaugural HYBR Sole Distributor!

Hybr® is an innovative multi-tenant self-service platform designed to meet the needs of enterprises, cloud and managed service providers.
Hybr 2
With integrations to data centre, public, and private/hybrid cloud platforms, Hybr® offers a rich management and automation experience.
Hybr 3
The solution provides comprehensive workload life cycle management, cost management, and centralized marketplace experience.

Pay Per Use Cloud in Your Data Centre

Opexify IT

We bring OPEX consumption model from the Cloud to on-premise solutions. Overprovisioning is not a concern because we allow businesses to grow based on the capacity they use.

Cloud Technology

We enable business to exactly align technology expenditure with business’s requirement and growth, so that they can enjoy the benefits of OPEX while maintaining the current environment.

We Help You to Choose the Right Cloud Solution

Should I Go Full Public Cloud?

Should I Go for Hybrid Cloud?

Should I Just Stay On-Premise?

Which Cloud Provider is the Best?

Which Technology to Use for the Next 10 Years?

Technology Advancements

We offer our expertise in helping customers decide on the right cloud platform and operating model.


Leverage our experience working with MNCs, listed companies and government on complex projects.

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