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Cloudify.Asia enables AXO Technologies to go the extra mile in solutioning and expertise for the clients’ digital transformation journey. The partnership between AXO Technologies and Cloudify.Asia helps organizations by leveraging the right technologies into their business processes. 

About AXO Technologies Sdn. Bhd.  

Axo Technologies
AXO Technologies Sdn. Bhd. is a Bumiputera System Integration and Technology Consultation company based in Petaling Jaya, Selangor. The story began in 2016, when a group of young technologists decided to start their own technology firm to help other companies to make use of technologies wisely. They believe that with the power of technology, even the smallest company can be competitive. 

In this era of tech, automation, and the Internet of Things, small and medium-sized enterprises seem to have less confidence in their business potential and growth. Organizations tend to struggle in running their businesses with a lack of knowledge and resources to power their businesses with the right technologies. Without confidence and efficiency, there is a long way to reach greatness and extraordinary achievement. AXO Technologies is committed to helping businesses to revolutionize the industry with technology and thus, ‘changing ordinary’. 

The Goals / Mission of AXO Technologies 

AXO Technologies’ mission is to connect and maintain a deep understanding of their customers. Through passion, innovation, and empathy, they seek to assist them to achieve more with technology. 

How does the partnership with Cloudify.Asia help with achieving the goals? 

With Cloudify.Asia, AXO Technologies can go the extra mile where we complement each other in terms of solutioning as well as expertise. This synergy enables us to bring our clients through their digital transformation journey. 

How can AXO Technologies & Cloudify.Asia help you to achieve your business needs? 

With AXO Technologies, an innovative and thoughtful informational technology consulting firm, plus the partnership with Cloudify.Asia, we help your organization with the IT challenges by leveraging the right technologies into your business processes. Reach out to us now. 

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