ViBiCloud – Customer Case Study 

By understanding the business model and objectives, Cloudify.Asia enabled ViBiCloud to manage Multi-Cloud Cost and Revenue effectively. By implementing Cloudify.Asia’s solution to manage and consolidate Clouds, ViBiCloud has successfully optimized their services by maximizing the advantages of a Single Multi-Cloud Management Platform. 

About ViBiCloud 


Established in Jakarta (main quarter) in 2014, with Microsoft Gold Hosting, Gold Devices and Deployment certification, ViBiCloud becomes the first and only Microsoft Cloud OS Network (COSN) Partner in Indonesia in 2015. Within five years, ViBiCloud has achieved multiple milestones, such as being HPE GreenLake Service Provider of The Year, and Microsoft Country Partner of The Year in Indonesia.  

ViBiCloud has transformed from a Cloud Service Provider into a Cloud Solution Provider. ViBiCloud accompanies customer in their transformation journey, through managed services, cloud services, infrastructure modernization solutions and more. 

The Challenges for Managed / Cloud Service Providers 

Understanding how your business can assist your customers with developing the mix and delivery of multi-cloud environments is tricky. The attraction of multi-cloud is clear: hyperscale public cloud platforms offer both flexibility and scalability. Placing critical applications on them, however, raises availability and security concerns.  

The combination of public clouds, on-premises/private clouds and legacy systems is potent and appealing, but it also comes with the challenge in terms of data silos, agility and the general management of the environment. 

The Course of Action 

By aligning Cloud Management Platform to the Business Requirements and Revenue Opportunities, Cloudify.Asia enabled the organization to better manage various cloud expenses, provisions and multi-tenancy chargeback in a single dashboard. The Cloud Management Platform does not only allow cloud resources management but also enables approval governance alongside chargeback. 

Why Cloudify.Asia & Cloud Management Platform 

To become the preferred Managed Service Provider, having the right management platform is a key step for your business to deliver efficient and effective multi-cloud environments to your customers. Your business should explore opportunities for:  

  • Cost Optimization: Reduce cost by allocate right cloud resources to the business need.  
  • Request Management: Approval workflow and governance ensure faster self-provisioning with controls.  
  • Chargeback and Showback: Provide exact costing to the business units, departments and subsidiaries.  

According to the IDC, Southeast Asia’s cloud computing market is expected to reach US$40.32 billion by 2025. Furthermore, it is expected that PaaS to grow by 38.5%, and IaaS by 26%. Thus, this presents a clear opportunity to tap into multi-cloud strategy for your business growth.  

Even though enterprises are investing in multi-cloud environments, they are struggling to adequately resource the IT teams to handle them. This is a big opportunity for managed services providers.  

Cloudify.Asia provides the right cloud portal for your business growth. 

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