FortiGate offers a leading Secure SD-WAN solution in the market, delivering top-rated security alongside its suite of market-leading security solutions. Fortinet Secure SD-WAN is unmatched in providing optimal user experience with maximum threat protection at any scale, thanks to the patented security processing unit (SPU) architecture extending across their product line. This ensures industry-leading price-performance, enabling superior security and inspection services for advanced traffic management.

The advantage of Fortinet’s solution lies in its seamless integration with FortiOS, the same operating system used in Fortinet’s market-leading security portfolio. This integration allows IT teams to effortlessly connect and route branch networks while applying a full stack of integrated security, eliminating the need for expensive and time-consuming overlay security additions. FortiOS simplifies management, enhances visibility, and ensures consistent policy deployment and enforcement. With end-to-end automation, deep analytics, and self-healing WAN links, operational efficiency is optimized.

Fortinet Secure SD-WAN effectively addresses three crucial IT challenges: delivering application SLAs regardless of application location, ensuring WAN resiliency for continuous operations, and providing end-to-end visibility, orchestration, and customized reporting for efficient operations.

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In addition to its advanced WAN capabilities, FortiGate acts as a powerful LAN edge controller, supporting FortiAP Wi-Fi access points and FortiSwitch Ethernet switches. This Security-Driven Networking approach allows firewall security features to natively integrate with the LAN layer, enabling consistent security policies for the LAN and firewall ports management from a single screen.

FortiGate is the industry’s only product to offer native zero-trust network access (ZTNA) policy enforcement points. Deployable anywhere in the network, it establishes universal application access enforcement through encrypted tunnels, ensuring a consistent user experience for today’s hybrid workforce. FortiOS automates user verification and device risk assessment for each application session, building a Zero Trust Edge strategy for secure connections across users and applications.

The Fortinet Security Fabric enables the convergence of networking and security, addressing the challenges faced by NOC and SOC systems. Built on FortiOS, it allows centralized management, simplifying the complexity of managing individual architectures, especially at scale. FortiManager serves as a single pane of glass, enabling both teams to manage the entire Fortinet estate efficiently. The platform supports zero-touch provisioning, enabling a unified security architecture across distributed ecosystems.

FortiGate can be enhanced with advanced services from FortiGuard Labs, providing increased visibility into security posture and network traffic anomalies, and empowering NOC and SOC teams with valuable threat intelligence.

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FortiGate’s strength lies in FortiOS everywhere, the common operating system powering all FortiGate advanced network and security functions across various form factors. Fortinet’s unique ASIC acceleration technology delivers exceptional performance compared to competitors. This convergence facilitates broad automation and coordination of threat detection and prevention across on-premises and multi-cloud deployments at scale.

Being recognized as the world’s most-shipped network firewall is just the beginning for FortiGate. Its edge networking capabilities go beyond being a core security platform, enabling deployment wherever a network reaches. With secure networking, zero-trust access, cloud security, and integrated network and security operations, FortiGate empowers organizations to confidently accelerate their digital transformation efforts.

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