Terms and Conditions


  1. Rental/Subscription: ResourcesRentalForm or Subcription Form document shall be agreed and signed prior activation of the contract. Upon activation, the order will be processed.
  2. Payment: Payment terms are as per approved. Please contact your sales executive if special payment term arrangement is required (such as back to back)
    Cancellation: No cancellation is allowed for accepted purchase order, or subject to cancellation charges equivalent to 30% of Purchase/Total Contract Price.
  3. Activation: Equipment will be delivered within 6 weeks or as advised by HaaS Technologies. Upon acceptance of delivery order, the contract shall be activated upon deployment completion or one month after acceptance of delivery order (whichever comes first).
  4. Late Interest: HaaS Technologies reserves the right to charge late payment interest at the rate of 1.0% per month.
  5. Quotation Validity: Commercial pricing and terms in this quotation shall valid for 30 days or upon written notice by HaaS Technologies. HaaS Technologies reserves the right to modify pricing and commercial terms (including rate) due to pricing or other error, currency, new taxation and exchange rate fluctuations.
  6. Ownership: Equipment in this quotation will be owned by HaaS Technologies Sdn. Bhd. unless stated explicitly.
  7. Registration: Customers, partners, resellers and vendors should register at earliest convenience.
  8. Export: At no under any circumstances shall the equipment, software and technology be exported outside of the purchased country. Written approval is required from HaaS Technologies for exemption.
  9. Early Termination: Early termination for any reasons will require payment of remaining monthly charges. This agreement may be terminated by giving two months’ prior notice.
  10. Deal Registration: Without deal registration, HaaS Technologies may provide the same solution and commercial terms to other partners due to lack of knowledge of the project to lock down. Please perform deal registration by stating end user company name and project title through email or registration portal.
  11. Tax (SST): ITS is not subject to service tax for clause 15. (v) Installation of hardware and server, clause 15. (iv) Leasing or rental of hardware and server and 15. (vii) Retailer and distributor of software.
  12. Course Confirmation: Course is automatically confirmed upon acceptance the Purchase Order or signed quotation.
  13. Course Trainer: a. Should a particular Trainer be requested to deliver the Course then HaaS Technologies shall use its reasonable endeavours to ensure that the named Trainer is available on the Course Date.
    b. If the particular trainer is not available for any reason, HaaS Technologies shall notify the Client and offer a substitute Trainer.
    c. If the Client is not willing to accept the substitute Trainer, the parties, acting in good faith shall agree an alternative date, dependent on the availability of the named Trainer and HaaS Technologies shall have no other liability or responsibility for the unavailability of the requested Trainer on the Course Date.
  14. Course Materials: Course and lab materials in this quotation will be owned by HaaS Technologies unless stated explicitly.
  15. Services Commencement: HaaS Technologies will only be able to start work upon Statement of Work (SoW) is accepted and signed. Shall SoW is part of the quotation, Purchase Order (PO) or signed quotation is considered as SoW acceptance.